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Tips on how to win customers back

6 signs your customers are disloyal – how to win customers back now

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Customers – they’re a fickle lot.  One minute it’s all moonlight and romance and the next, they’re moving on to someone new.  In an age where internet giants like Amazon are constantly undercutting their competitors, many companies are beginning to suspect that there may be another lover in their customer’s lives! 

How long has this been going on?

In many cases, businesses are so busy focusing on their SEO, KPIs and assorted other abbreviations that, by the time they realise that their customers are straying, it’s already too late.  We take a look at the six signs that your customers may have lost that loving feeling: 

  1. The thrill is gone

So, you’ve checked your data and it seems that, although your customer is still shopping with you, their visits are less frequent – and their basket considerably lighter each time.  This could be down to a number of factors including the time of year, the local economy – or, the fact that somebody is wooing them away from you.

How to win your customers back

Two thirds of surveyed customers say that they would spend more – and remain more faithful to a retailer – if they felt valued and felt that their individual needs were being met.  You already have the data – use it wisely (and within the GDPR framework!). Check the data and take note of what it’s telling you in order to make your communication more targeted and more relevant to specific customers. 

Source: LinkedIn Learning

2. You never write, you never call….

So, you’ve checked out the reporting on your email marketing and, to your dismay, you discover that your little love notes are no longer being opened by your beloved customer.  You think back fondly to those early days of high open rates and blossoming click through rates and wonder where it all went wrong. Even worse, you keep receiving the digital version of a Dear John – the dreaded Unsubscribe.  There are a few things which may explain why your customers have stopped opening your emails – the main ones include: your content is no longer interesting, your content is repetitive and, your content is irrelevant. When it comes to high unsubscribe rates, nine times out of ten, this comes down to ‘What have you done for me lately?’  If your offers are repetitive or simply not competitive, your customer is almost certainly going to develop a roving eye. 

How to win customers back

First and foremost, stop churning out those same, tired emails.  60% of customers say that they would remain engaged if communication from a retailer was more interesting – and more meaningful and relevant.  Take the time to think about the content you’re putting out there and ask yourself how relevant it is to your target customer. Avoid salesy subject lines and make sure that your offers make you hard to resist.

3. Once bitten, twice shy

When your customer shares their precious data with you, it’s all about trust – trust that you will use that data responsibly.  Many customers are unwilling to trust a retailer with their data due to having been burnt before through big brand data breaches such as those suffered by Tesco and Talk Talk.  You can spot these wary customers by the fact that they check out as a guest rather than committing to a relationship with you – and that they decline the option to get receipts by email.  

How to win customers back

As the saying goes, trust needs to be earned.  77% of customers say that they would visit a retailer more often if they could fully trust how their data will be used.  This is all about communication – make sure that you have a clear and transparent data policy, follow GDPR guidelines and communicate this to customers at every stage to ensure trust. 

4. It’s complicated

So, things had started to get serious and your customer decided to take your relationship to the next level by signing up to your loyalty programme.  Things were going great and then, slowly but surely, they started to lose interest; you’ve noticed that they’re no longer earning and redeeming their points as often and, engagement with the programme has become lacklustre.  So, why has your customer been ghosting your programme? It could be that your programme is a little too complicated – or it could simply be that they no longer feel loved by your brand. 

Customer loyalty is a crucial strategy that should be applied to every business
Source: Yotpo

How to win customers back

Three out of four customers say that they would engage with a loyalty programme more frequently if it was easier to use and offered more tangible benefits.  Make sure that your programme is a priority for your business – and that all staff, across the board, are geared toward promoting it. By ensuring that your customer understands how the programme works – and what’s in it for them, increased customer loyalty will follow. 

5. It’s not them, it’s you

It used to be that your customer loved all of your little ways and quirks but, lately, you’ve noticed that they’re no longer viewing your brand through rose tinted glasses.  They’re beginning to criticise you – and often publicly, by way of outlets such as social media and review sites and a sense of disappointment has started to seep into your relationship.  This could be because they’ve found somebody new – or, it could be that, quite frankly, you’re no longer working so hard on the relationship. 

How to win customers back

First of all, you need to find out why your customer has fallen out of love with your brand.  78% of customers say that they’d remain more faithful if a brand was more consistent and reliable.  It’s time to up your customer service game and woo those customers back with great response times both online and off and by taking every single complaint seriously – and resolving it in a timely manner. 

6. Lipstick on their collar

For many brands, the moment arrives when they realise that they’re not being paranoid – their customers really are looking elsewhere.  You may not be able to check their texts or frisk their pockets for receipts but, a loss of revenue and engagement is all you need to realise that you’re losing out to another suitor.

How to win customers back

What’s he got that I haven’t?  The trick here is to find out what your competitors are offering which makes them so darn alluring to your once faithful customer.  Over 50% of customers say that increased respect would keep them loyal to a brand along with a sense that they’re not being taken for granted.  R.E.S.P.E.C.T – find out what it means to your customer……and then give it to them. 

If you have a great product and great customer service, that’s great – but it may not be enough to keep the spark alive with your customers.  In order to maintain loyalty, you need to be constantly working toward improving the benefits, ease of use and overall customer experience.    

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