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“I Have Worked With The Team Over The Past Few Years On Our Brand Strategy – Their Strength Lies In Their Ability To Develop Actionable Consumer Insights , Get Under The Skin Of The Customer And The Competition To Develop Competitive Advantage.”

Richard Marshall – CEO, PMB

Building emotionally persuasive brands that cut through the clutter and cultivate loyalty

We build brands that take a remarkably different position in the market, captivate customer attention, outmanoeuvre the competition and cultivate brand loyalty.

The Problem

Lower barriers to entry and online marketplaces have resulted in brands becoming commoditised and consumers becoming disloyal. Many brands respond by focusing on short term sales promotions and discounting (eating away margins), rather than investing in their brand to cultivate long term brand loyalty and emotional connection with the customers they serve.

The Solution

To achieve long term sustainable growth, leading brands fortify their business by taking a strongly differentiated position in the market. These brands are empathetic, champion customer’s needs and provide value in their marketing to demonstrate their expertise. This enables them to create an emotional connection. Our team craft remarkably outstanding brands that cultivate brand loyalty.

Our approach enables businesses to

  • Map competing brands to identify an unoccupied market position and opportunities to differentiate the brand
  • Develop sharp customer insights that inform how the brand can more strongly resonate with customers
  • Build the brand's architecture to cut through the clutter and magnetise customers
  • Build a fresh, disruptive brand identity that delights target customers
  • Develop key marketing messages to support the new brand position and engage customers
  • Launch engaging brand building campaigns that maximise brand awareness

Our key principles

  • People are heavily influenced by emotions when considering a purchase – a brand’s emotional engagement is just as important as the price.

  • Category disrupting brands are those who launch with a boldly differentiated market position and value proposition.

  • When well developed brands increase prices, they have a comparatively low decrease in demand.

  • Well developed brands benefit from more consistent demand and require less sales promotions to maintain market share.

Our six step brand strategy programme

1. Competitor intelligence

Analyse the competition to identify uncontested market space
Using robust research and analysis methodologies to map competitor brand’s market positioning in order to identify a distinctly different position in the market that is unoccupied.

2. Customer Insight

Identify customer’s unmet needs in the market
Developing a set of robust customer insights and analysing market trends to pinpoint where customers needs are not being met and establishing how a winning brand should look and feel in order to gain their loyalty. 

3. Brand architecture

Build the brand architecture
Using the customer and competitor insights to develop a disruptive and strongly differentiated brand architecture that cuts through the clutter.

4. Brand identity

Produce the brand identity and visual aesthetic
Building the brand’s logo, company stationary, visual aesthetic and visual language to bring the brand to life.

5. Brand messages

Develop key brand messages and a content plan
Developing a set of key brand messages and a comprehensive content plan which reinforces those messages and enables the brand to have a voice across all marketing channels.

6. Brand launch

Launch a full scale brand building campaign 
Conceptualising and launching a creatively driven and engaging brand building campaign designed to maximise awareness and drive brand loyalty for the brand.

Who we work with

  • Businesses who have become dependent on sales promotions which are eroding business profitability.

  • Brands operating in heavily competitive markets where differentiation is key to drive sales.

  • Brands facing an onslaught of disruption from start-ups that need to shore up their position to maintain market share.

  • Businesses wanting to expand internationally and need to position the brand for launching into a new territory.

ship ropes and compass

Examples of our work

  • Built the brand architecture, tone of voice and thought leadership positioning for a disruptive fintech brand to cement their credentials amongst a sceptical investor audience.
  • Developed the customer insight, segmentation, tone of voice and content strategy for a leading consumer electronics brand to successfully launch into Russia and the US.
  • Produced a brand reputation audit for a leading financial services holding company to identify reputation risks, perception and inform the ongoing brand communications strategy throughout all group brands.
  • Conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis, customer perception study and wider market analysis to inform the international expansion strategy and brand positioning of a leading male grooming business.

Getting Started

An initial complementary analysis of the brand’s current marketing and communications is produced to identify quick wins and opportunities for the brand to cultivate greater loyalty amongst it’s existing customers. During this initial review, those quick wins are prioritised and a long term course of action is explored.