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"The Team Assisted Hawes & Curtis With Our Digital & E Commerce Strategy. During Our Time Working With The Team At Customer Devoted We Were Delighted With The Professional Can Do Attitude And Would Recommend Working With Them."

Global CRM & Loyalty Manager, Hawes & Curtis

Customer experiences that are fuelled by insight, drive brand loyalty and advocacy

Our team help businesses fully integrate their customer facing systems, streamline operations and deliver delightful omnichannel customer experiences that retain customers for longer.

The Problem

The customer experience shapes brand perception and in the immediacy of our digitally driven world, customers want instant gratification. Working with a patchwork of disconnected systems can create a fragmented customer experience which slows down operations, decreases profit and can leave customers unsatisfied. This fragmented experience can result in an increase in customer churn and a decrease in brand advocacy. The race is on to keep pace with customer expectations.

The Solution

Leading brands build their customer experience to be helpful, empathetic and solve customer’s problems faster, better and cheaper than the competition. They do this by developing a set of robust customer insights to understand how they can exceed their customer’s expectations and delight them during every interaction. Our team craft fully integrated and delightfully intuitive customer experiences that retain customers for the long term.

Our approach enables businesses to

  • Understand how the customer feels about each interaction and identify ways to better meet their needs
  • Identify any gaps in the current experience, fix those gaps and launch an optimal experience
  • Launch customer feedback loops to listen and understand how the experience can be continually optimised
  • Launch personalised customer engagement programmes that maximise customer retention
  • Launch a customer referral and advocacy initiative that builds reputation and acquires new customers

Our key principles

  • It is 10 times cheaper to keep a customer than it is to acquire a new one. Exceptional customer experiences retain customers and drive long term business profitability.

  • Automating elements of the customer experience can free up resources to focus on maximising customer retention.

  • Automated and personalised customer engagement programmes retain customers for longer and maximise customer lifetime value.

  • Leading businesses collaborate with customers to develop innovative new products and  optimise customer experiences to retain and acquire new customers.

Our six step customer experience programme

1. Experience audit

Identify customer’s pain points and the barriers in the existing customer experience
Using a robust analysis framework to map the issues, and barriers that are in the current customer experience. Customer insight is developed to also understand trends, expectations and opportunities to innovate the experience. 

2. Experience blueprint

Build the customer experience blueprint
Planning the optimal experience to better meet customer expectations across all channels. All customer communications are produced to support the launch of the new customer experience.

3. Feedback loops

Implement customer feedback loops 
Customer feedback systems are deployed to enable the organisation to have ongoing feedback from customers on how they can improve the experience and better serve customers.

4. Launch

Launch the optimised customer experience
Any gaps in the existing experience are fixed prior to the new experience launching. New systems and processes are integrated to upgrade the experience and team members are fully trained in all new systems and processes.

5. Personalised engagement

Launch a personalised and automated customer engagement programme
An automated customer engagement programme is launched to serve personalised messages via CRM. Personalised content and experiences are delivered via website personalisation. These initiatives help increase customer retention and customer lifetime value. 

6. Referral & Advocacy

Unlock total customer value with a customer referral and advocacy programme
Launching a customer referral and advocacy programme to build brand reputation and recruit new customers on an automated basis, at scale. Depending on the business and regulatory requirements,  advocacy and referrals can be incentivised and tracked. 

Who we work with

  • CEOs of digitally driven businesses that are overburdened with the time and resources required to serve their existing customers.

  • CEOs or investors in fast growth businesses that lack the infrastructure to scale their customer relationships.

  • Marketing teams of legacy brands needing to transform and update how they service customers to avoid disruption by new market entrants.

  • Businesses operating in fiercely competitive markets that need to differentiate the customer experience to keep customers loyal.

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Examples of our work

  • Built a full scale customer engagement programme which integrated marketing and customer success teams into a centralised CRM system to track customer retention and sales effectiveness across website, email, telephone and webinars for a B2B focused SAAS platform.
  • An automated stock synchronisation and personalised customer experience was deployed across social media, email and website for a consumer durables e-commerce business.
  • A customer loyalty campaign was launched for a leading hotel group which used data from loyalty member’s hotel bookings to deliver personalised recommendations to redeem their loyalty rewards.
  • Conducted a full scale systems review and strategy for a leading male fashion brand to streamline and optimise their use of e-commerce marketing technologies and wider e-commerce technology systems and processes.

Getting Started

An initial complementary analysis of the current customer experience is produced to identify quick wins and opportunities for the business to better engage and service their existing customers. During this initial review, those quick wins are prioritised and a long term course of action is discussed.