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19 Ecommerce marketing tools to drive Woocommerce and Shopify sales

19 Ecommerce marketing tools to drive Woocommerce and Shopify sales

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Traffic is the lifeblood of any e-commerce store – no traffic and no sales. But traffic is only the start point. We have put together a selection of ecommerce marketing tools that will help you get ahead and drive more sales. Thankfully, there are dozens of ecommerce marketing tools that you can use to supercharge your ecommerce store and accelerate sales…

Crucial ingredients of ecommerce marketing

A solid ecommerce marketing mix includes PPC, SEO, social media, email marketing and affiliates to drive website traffic. It’s always worth experimenting and mixing these up to land on a combination of marketing activities that work best for your business.

No two businesses are the same so it is worth investigating how your direct competitors are making their sales online – are they mainly focused on Youtube? Do they have a strong focus on blogging? Once you have an idea of how they make their sales, experiment with ideas that drive more traffic to your site.

These ecommerce marketing tools will be helpful for you to streamline your site and help drive more sales:

What are the best ecommerce marketing tools?

Woocommerce on-site SEO plugins


YoastSEO boasts of more than 5 million downloads and is one of the most recommended by ecommerce marketers. This plugin features numerous on-site technical optimisations that can help improve website SEO. There is a free version of the plug-in, however, the premium version can support advance SEO needs.

One of the best ecommerce marketing tools to use is Yoast for SEO
Source: YoastSEO


  • Keyword optimisation – optimise each page for your SEO keyword.
  • Breadcrumbs control – control what, where and how breadcrumbs are displayed on your site.
  • Content insights – learn about the content that is working.
  • Readability checker – optimise your content to improve it’s readability.
  • Internal linking suggestions – boost your SEO by linking to your previous blog posts.
  • Multisite compatibility – if you are running multiple language versions, you can optimise those with Yoast too.
  • Redirect manager – manage and simplify how pages redirect on your site.

All-in-One Schema Rich Snippets

This tool helps you optimise how your search results are displayed on Google. Google has many different types of search results including product search results, video results, product review results… using the right format for your results can help you stand out on the search engine and give a higher click-through rate.


  • Interactive rich snippets – setup your search result into the right format.
  • Click-Through Rate improvement – by correctly configuring rich snippets, click-through rates will improve.
  • Optimise content for higher SERPs
  • Optimise the display information of pages on social media sites
Source: Online Media Masters

All-in-One SEO Pack

This tool is a competitor of YoastSEO. It is another excellent plug-in for those who have just started using Woocommerce. Brands who want a simple plugin that can do all the basic SEO stuff, this is a great choice.


  • XML Sitemap Support – improve your site’s indexing with a sitemap that helps Google crawl your site faster.
  • Google Analytics integration – measure your SEO efforts
  • Optimise a page’s social media meta data (the image that is shown when the page is shared on social)
  • Importer and Exporter – save time by importing SEO settings into your site rather than putting them in manually.
  • robots.txt – control the pages that Google is allowed to index online.

WP Smush.it

For brands who have already built their ecommerce store, they likely have hundreds of images to upload. Bulky images can easily slow down a website load time which effects the rankings of pages on Google. WP Smush.it allows you to resize, compress and optimise all of the images in your website without compromising image quality.

ecommerce marketing tools using WP Smush It dashboard
Source: WordPress


  • Optimise images using lossless compression
  • Optimise all old images in one-click and automatically optimise all future images
  • Optimise images from the WordPress directory
  • Compatible with media library plugins
  • Multisite compatible
  • Support JPG, JPEG, GIF, and PNG image files
Source: WPMU Dev

Jetpack by WordPress

This is an important tool for all WooCommerce beginners. The free version has several features including a n analytics tool and automatic sharing of blog posts to social networks. It also has a “similar articles” feature that can direct article readers to a related post. If you need additional features, you can get the paid version.


  • Free: Website statistics and analytics
  • Free: Connect related posts
  • Free: Auto-sharing on social media accounts
  • Paid: Search engine optimisation tools
  • Paid: Advertising Program for platforms like Facebook Ads, AdSense, Amazon, AOL, Google AdX, and Yahoo

Shopify on-site SEO plugins

Plug-In SEO

This plugin is an excellent time-saver. Essentially, it ignores all the ‘noise’ and tells you what is worth your time and money for your SEO. It helps identify the important aspect of your website that needs more focus. For example, it shows you specific opportunities to optimise your site like page titles, meta descriptions, headings, article structure, speed and content.

Plug-In SEO for Shopify is another great ecommerce marketing tool
Source: Ecommerce Platforms

SEO Doctor

This tool scans various SEO problems and automatically fixes them. At the end of each scan, it provides a diagnosis report on the website’s SEO health. This is an amazing app for those who are concerned about their SEO and not necessarily that technical on SEO.

Smart SEO

This tool automatically generates meta tags for pages to help brands optimise their on-page SEO. It uses readymade templates to speed up the process of building meta tags. Shopify owners will save a lot of time when using this tool especially those who have not yet optimised their website pages and product meta descriptions. It is a must have for providing Google and other search engines all the information that they need to have in order to correctly list your site.

Best WordPress Giveaway/Contest Plugins

Running a contest or giveaways on your website can really boost sales. Consumers love participating in contests or giveaways. When done right, it can give a major boost in brand awareness, website ranking and conversions. To help organise your contest, several helpful tools can be used either on WordPress or Shopify.


This plugin is designed to help you simplify the process of running contests and giveaways. It features a user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder, so you can create your campaigns in minutes. Rafflepress also has pre-built templates which help can help save time building beautifully designed campaigns. The plug-in also features full-proof protection against fraudulent entries and allows your followers and existing customers to easily share the contest on social media.

Rafflepress is one of the best Ecommerce marketing tools for WordPress
Source: WP Superstars

Video Contest WordPress Plugin

Brands who love to run video contests will also love this plugin. The Video Contest plugin gives users full control over the competition they are running. The plugin makes it really super easy to control votes, comments, video sources, new submissions and it also features full integration with BuddyPress, enabling you to get more interaction through your site’s forum or community. 

Photo Contest WordPress Plugin

Just as the name suggests, this plugin allows brands to start a photo contest without any hassle. The plugin is fast, responsive and flexible, allowing your visitors to participate in the contest across any device. Photo Contest plugin also supports BuddyPress integration and allows you to send email notifications to participants.

Opinion Stage

This plugin will let you create surveys, polls, quizzes and forms on your ecommerce site using your WordPress dashboard. The plugin comes from pre-built customisable templates so that it does not need a lot of time to prepare your survey. The basic version of Opinion Stage is free but limited to 10 responses per item and 100 responses per month.

For great ecommerce marketing tools consider Opinion Stage

Best discount apps for Shopify

Offering discounts, deals and coupons for an online store can be a powerful weapon in a brand’s conversion arsenal. It drives awareness, loyalty and can even encourage users to buy more. These ecommerce marketing tools for Shopify can help you help manage your promotional discounts…

Product Discount

This is a popular app by Bold. Using this tool, brands can blend a few other apps to offer website wide sales or discounts. The app also allows you to schedule daily deals and notify customers that the promotion is coming to an end using a countdown clock.

Upsell on Exit and Visit

You can maximise upsales with this app. Using Upsell, you can encourage customers to stay longer when they first visit or when attempting to leave the store. New visitors will see a pop-up giving a special offer. When the customer tries to close the website they will be prompted with a special offer that helps turn more browsers into buyers.

Daily Deal

This app allows you to create promotions for your products in just one click. You can also include a customisable countdown bar, to create excitement for your deal. The app can be used to share your daily deals page so you can showcase all of your revolving promos live, together.

Source: Shappify

Best Woocommerce popup plugin

Popup plugins are very useful to capture leads and build your email list. The more advanced ones have built-in analytics and are able to target devices, geographies and site visit length. The real strength of popup plugins lie in their ability to target and trigger popups based on who, where, what the user is! Check out these ecommerce marketing tools below:


This plugin was one of the first to popularise the use of pop-up forms on websites. It comes with a drag and drop interface that makes it easy for anyone to use. It also has a variety of pre-built templates or allows you to create your popup from scratch. Another great feature of OptinMonster is it’s ability to allow you to create any type of popup using HTML/CSS and WordPress shortcodes.

Small Success is a feature that lets you show offers to people who have already converted. Small Success let’s you use different triggers to ensure that you are giving the best-personalised experience to your already-converted visitors.

OptionMonster is the best choice when it comes to pop up plugins
Source: OptinMonster

Sumo List Builder

Sumo is one of the best plugins to use for a WooCommerce website. Aside from your standard popup, it also has features like email list builder. It can also help with your social media, site analytics and link building.

Sumo’s List Builder allows you to create beautiful popups that can be set up according to trigger points like time on page, clicks and exit intent.

Ninja Popups

This plugin is a top-selling tool by CodeCanyon. Brands who sign up for their premium services can gain access to their drag-and-drop builder featuring more than 70 templates with animation effects. For brands wanting more than just forms, this tool will also let you create other types of popups like social sharing boxes and video displays.

Best Shopify Popups

Abandonment Protector

This popup app allows brands to catch website visitors and convert them into loyal customers. Marketing automation is made easy with this tool as it gives you a wide range of options to monitor customer behaviour. It also allows email sequencing to gain loyal customers and make them come back to your website.

Source: Chilli Apps

Sales Pop

This app allows brands to build social proof and shows previous purchases on the store to visitors which is a valuable source of social proof which helps drive sales. When customers see that people are buying from your store, it creates reassurance and encourages them to buy. Brands that are looking for a simple app that provides in-depth features, Sales Pop is a great choice.