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Guide to ecommerce marketing services: streamline ecommerce operations

Guide to ecommerce marketing services: streamline ecommerce operations

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Efficiently running an eCommerce business requires hard work. For more tenured online stores, you may be looking at more technical requirements that call for expert ecommerce marketing services. According to the Business Leaders and Productivity survey report by The Alternative Board, “72 percent of small business owners feel that they have too much to do and have very little time.” The same study also shares that, “Entrepreneurs would like to have more time over less work.”

Ecommerce marketing services means focusing on the areas of business that matters
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These numbers aren’t surprising. Business owners should wear a lot of hats – from marketing to sales and operations and customer service. While this may be normal it is important to consider sustainability or scalable practice as the company grows.

This article will help you understand the various ecommerce marketing services that you can get from experts and agencies.

Customer experience for ecommerce stores

The importance of providing great customer experience for your customers is immense. Customer experience can create or destroy sales. Your website can either foster a sense of trust and build a persuasive consumer experience, or it can nurture uncertainty and frustration. So choose wisely.

Customer experience is the quality of interaction between your brand and your customers. It is the impressions that you leave with your ecommerce website visitors. Customer experience is a major indicator of whether customers will return, how they will stay as your customers and how much they spend with you.

The difference between good and bad customer experience comes down to creating a positive approach to optimising the user experience because it can avoid disasters and turn poorly performing ecommerce stores into sales leaders.

Improve customer experience with ecommerce marketing services

When prospects are not satisfied with their experience, they will go elsewhere. However, if you take good care of your customers and listen to their needs, the benefits are endless. Expect better revenues, reduced costs and improved efficiency.

According to a Customer Service report by Gartner in 2018, “It has been projected that more than 40% of all data analytics projects will relate in a way or another to customer experience.” This means designing the best customer experience will also put your business ahead of the competition. It has become so obvious that enhancing customer experience is not just an industry trend, but a necessary step for every business to take.

Brands should ensure that the visual design of your website is reinforced with authority, trust, and service. Choose an effective design instead of overwhelming your users with too much design. If customer experience is not your forte, consider getting the services of an expert to do this are for you.

Optimise your website

Everyone isn’t your customer so make sure to optimise your ecommerce store around your best prospects. Your main focus should be meeting the needs of your target consumers and avoid attracting unqualified leads to your site.

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Collect insights

Take the time to listen closely to your customers via social media, surveys, user testing, data analytics, and such. Educate yourself on the customer journey and understand your prospects’ goals. Make sure to create ease and trust in each stage. Make sure to layout user-friendly paths to purchase, as well as, lead generation. Take advantage of every chance you have to form credibility and trust by acting on the various insights you collect.

Avoid crowding web pages

Never crowd your website pages with jargon and hard-sell content. In other words, strategise to use it only for highlighting products your best customers are buying. Avoid pushing your brand on the customer. Additionally, good design is always customer-centered as opposed to being brand-centered.

Use the right images

Utilise high-quality images, but make sure that the photos are optimised for website load speed. If your website is using stock images, edit the images to make it look unique so they stand out versus dozens of other sites who may be using the same pictures.

Test your website consistent as part of your ecommerce marketing service
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Utilise a testing program to review if your theories about the needs of your leads versus their actual preferences. A/B testing and user testing are some of the best ways to check on your customer experience. Furthermore, score your theories against the actual user behavior. If the changes result in the desired behavior, it can mean more revenue.

Design your Customer Relationship Management

Another crucial ecommerce marketing service to consider is CRM. The role of a CRM is establishing and maintaining strong relationships with your customers. With an expert to help run your store’s CRM, you will be able to centralize, optimise and streamline your communication.

Ecommerce marketing services with CRM
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Gain Better knowledge of customers

Just like a cheat-sheet giving easy access to important information, a CRM system in place will give sales, marketing and customer service areas of your brand a competitive advantage. A CRM system run by experts will help manage customer information which can help you create a personalised experience.

Better segmentation

A CRM system also helps segment contacts (customers and prospects) to target customers. Customer relationship management will allow you to break down data by criteria and categories which makes it easy to create focused lists.

Ecommerce marketing helps improve retention

According to the report by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company, Keeping an existing customer is at least 6-7 times cheaper than getting a new one”. In addition, CRM is a great tool to help keep existing customers pleased aside from being an excellent asset in finding and nurturing your leads.

Return of Investment to expect in CRM for ecommerce marketing services
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Ecommerce marketing services for operations and business management

Brands will also be able to streamline operations and management by working with a service provider.

Order management assistance

Keeping track of all the orders that come into a business, as well as, managing the procedures required to fulfill them is order management. This includes everything from the time that an order is received right through to delivery and even after-sales support.

Since ecommerce stores have added a whole new level of complexity compared to a typical retail store, an order management system should always be in place. Manually managing your inventory by hand is never an option within the fast-paced business model of an eCommerce store. Also, manual order processing, inventory control and tracking opens to a roomful of errors and may deter future growth. With the help of an ecommerce marketing service provider you can keep track of your order management at all times.

Source: IBM

Progressive Data Management assistance

Data management is a necessary part of operating any business. Efficiently maintaining customer data can help a company move forward because it allows you to anticipate trends and meet customer needs.

A progressive data management system is a process that is designed to grow together with a company. Every ecommerce company has data and without proper storage and management, you run the risk of exposing your data. With the help of progressive data management, you will be able to forecast your growth and makes it possible to predict future business trends.

ecommerce marketing services data management importance
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Ecommerce marketing services for automation

A ecommerce marketing service provider can help train you or members of your team to operation automation tools. Marketing automation is a crucial practice if you want to encourage growth. It refers to software or tools that push a company’s efficiency by streamlining daily marketing workflows and tasks.

This is all about giving your team members the most important thing – time. By using these tools, tasks like remarketing ads, email nurturing, and lead management can be on autopilot so that key workers can focus more on other aspects of the business.

Integrating omnichannel for customer experience

Omnichannel customer experience is all about creating a multi-channel method for marketing and sales. The aim is to provide the customer with a smooth shopping experience whether they are shopping online from a mobile device or a laptop, in a brick and mortar store or by telephone.

Ecommerce marketing services omnichannel customer experience
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An omnichannel approach in eCommerce marketing is especially important for customer service. Because as technology develops, the demand for customer service also evolves. Consider how technologies like live chat and video chat and even Twitter have completely changed the way brands provide customer service to their customers.

Therefore, the easiest way to create an omnichannel customer experience approach is to invest in real-time marketing channels.

If you do not have enough experience in omnichannel for customer experience, getting help from an ecommerce marketing service company is a great way to ensure that it is in place.