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“I worked with James for almost 2.5 years while I handled Smirnoff at Diageo. James essentially helped set up our entire digital marketing effort. James has an abiding passion and interest in the digital world and gets really deep in terms of detail and focus. James is indefatigable and diligent. He pushed us as a team and it paid off. I truly applaud him for this and for showing me perspectives that I would otherwise have missed.“

Nakul Pathak – Commercial Director, Diageo

Product launch strategies that are fuelled by customer insight and competitor intelligence

We help businesses de-risk their product launches by developing strategies that are market validated with competitor intelligence and optimised with deep customer insight.

The Problem

Companies launching into highly competitive or complex markets face an uphill struggle to stand out, be understood and persuade customers to try them. Product launch strategies are often built under intense time pressure from investors or cash-strapped founders needing to drive immediate sales. This time pressure can result in launch strategies being crafted briskly and informed from poorly researched insight which results in a sub-optimal performance.

The Solution

Thoroughly analysing the competition can inform businesses of the exact channels, media investment, tactics and overarching strategy that they are using to succeed. By also developing a comprehensive set of customer insights, product launches can be crafted to outmanoeuvre the competition,  resonate more strongly and persuade more target customers to buy. This approach enables a product launch to deliver a higher return on media and marketing investment from day one.


Our approach enables businesses to

  • Reverse engineer the competition’s marketing success to prevent costly marketing mistakes
  • Develop powerfully persuasive marketing messages that win customer's hearts and minds
  • Differentiate the brand and sharpen product-market-fit, to stand out and drive growth
  • Develop an automated marketing system that acquires customers, at scale
  • Operate a KPI driven launch with integrated analytics and total performance transparency

Our key principles

  • Reverse engineering the competition’s success can dramatically reduce risk in a product launch.

  • In order to gain traction, new products need to strongly differentiate and meet customer’s needs better than the competition do.

  • Having a ‘soft-launch’ can deliver early performance insights, enabling brands  to optimise, prior to the full launch.

  • In highly competitive industries, new product launches need to out-think (because they can’t out spend) the competition.

Our six step product launch programme

1. Competitor intelligence

Reverse engineer the competition’s marketing success
Thorough analysis of the competition’s brand, positioning and marketing techniques to identify what’s working for them, where their strategy is lacking and how a new brand can successfully differentiate and launch. 

2. Customer insight

Understand the target customer and why they buy
Using robust research methodologies and insight sources to establish emergent trends and mapping the customer’s attitude, outlook, needs and desires. This enables brands to know how to market to customers more persuasively.

3. Differentiation

Craft a compelling differentiation strategy that outmanoeuvres the competition
Using the customer insights and competitor intelligence to create a sharply differentiated brand, product and market positioning strategy which is distinct and persuasive.

4. Messaging

Develop a set of persuasive marketing messages that resonate and engage target customers
Key marketing messages and a content plan are developed to support the differentiation strategy. Messages are further strengthened with insights from the field of neuromarketing which have been scientifically proven to increase marketing effectiveness.

5. Data & Measurement

Implement advanced analytics to measure performance
Defining the marketing metrics to track and setting clear targets. Implementing marketing analytics and building a real-time data dashboard to measure performance and optimise marketing.

6. Launch 

Plan and launch a digital marketing campaign
An initial  digital marketing campaign is planned and launched across social media, search and e-mail. Promotional offers, engagement initiatives, advertising collateral and targeting are all crafted based on customer and competitor insights. 

Who we work with

  • Established brands or start-ups launching a new product don’t have the time or budget to launch without seeing a fast return on investment.

  • Business directors who are not marketers that need launch their product, fast.

  • CEOs looking to expand their product internationally or investors looking to structure the marketing operations of their investment.

  • Marketing teams or CEOs that want structure to the sea of meaningless marketing data and use it to make informed business decisions.
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Examples of our work

  • Developed the strategy and relaunched a legacy alcohol brand to an entirely different demographic which required a complete market and brand repositioning. A full scale interactive customer loyalty based digital platform was conceptualised and launched to engage the brand’s new digitally driven customers.
  • Developed an educationally focused market launch strategy for private medical care facility catering to ultra high net worth individuals with sensitive healthcare needs. A multi-channel digital strategy was launched with a particular focus on outreach and building partnerships with referral agents.
  • Supported the aggressive market expansion of a household shampoo brand by developing the social, media and content strategy to launch six haircare products nationally in 9 months which saw the brand grow category share and become market leader.
  • Developed the customer insight, competitor intelligence and launch strategy for a mobile handset manufacturer wanting to launch a new handset to a mainstream consumer audience. Social media, e-commerce, content and above the line advertising were all developed for the successful launch.

Getting Started

An initial complementary launch strategy review is used to explore goals, challenges and existing marketing activities. During this initial review, any clear issues are raised along with specific short term recommendations which help set direction for a successful launch. This session is followed up with a comprehensive report, outlining any quick fixes and short term optimisations that can accelerate performance.