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CRM & customer loyalty programmes

We plan, build and launch CRM and customer loyalty programmes that maximise retention and customer lifetime value

It is 9 times cheaper to retain a customer than acquiring a new one - how invested are you in your customers?

Focusing entirely on customer acquisition is a ‘leaky bucket strategy’ where customers continually need to be acquired at a heavy marketing cost. 

Investing in customer retention can unlock total customer value in the form of referrals, advocacy and enable brands to collaborate with customers to develop products that better serve their needs. 

Establishing an ongoing value exchange with customers drives profitability


CRM Strategy

Developing a CRM strategy begins by analysing the sales data and performance of existing customer communications. This analysis is used to build a comprehensive CRM blueprint which takes into account the business’s objectives and defines the KPIS, channels and segments of the CRM programme.

CRM Programmes

CRM programmes are fully produced with defined segments, conditions which trigger any automated customer communications and messages. Manual and AI-based customer service is also fully planned and integrated into the CRM programme.

Customer segmentation

Customer segments are fully developed by cleansing, tagging and formatting customer records in preparation for the programme launch. Customer records can be tagged based on custom criteria, sales history, geography or engagement levels.

Customer value optimisation

Customer lifetime value is optimised by analysing sales data to identify product bundles and product affinity to build the up-sell and cross-sell programme. Loyal customers are identified and an incentive programme is launched to drive customer referrals and advocacy.

Customer loyalty programmes

The customer loyalty business case is built which outlines the projected commercial performance of the programme. Based on the business case, the loyalty programme’s tiers, rewards, benefits, and redemption mechanics are planned and the loyalty programme is deployed to maximise retention.

Tech selection & Integration

Maximising customer retention and value by optimising the configuration of existing technologies and deploying any new solutions as per the technical requirements of the CRM and customer loyalty programmes.