Accelerate long term marketing performance and reduce customer acquisition costs in 90 days

Conversion accelerator

Stage 1

Growth focused businesses


Increase sales and ROI


8-12 weeks


Online or in person

What is it?

Conversion Accelerator is a 12 week intensive programme where we develop your differentiation strategy, key marketing messages, plan and build your marketing funnel to accelerate your sales.

Who is it for?

Conversion accelerator is for businesses that are focused on driving more leads or sales online at a lower cost. Ideal for ecommerce players, SAAS platforms or businesses driving sales online.

Where does it happen?

The programme can be delivered in person or online in a series of workshops and strategy sessions. Each module is scheduled and delivered to you in person.

How does it work?

We analyse the competition and the market to develop key insights which help form the strategy. We then work through each of the modules together. Our programmes are fully supported - we will help you every step of the way through to completion.

Why does it exist?

Over the years, we realised that most businesses are looking in the wrong places to increase their marketing return on investment. We have built our programme based on the strategies that leading brands of the world use and have adapted it to make it accessible to everybody.

Who are the team?

The team are a collective of strategy consultants that each have a minimum of 17 years specialist experience working with leading global brands and nimble startups. We have worked with the likes of Diageo, Unilever and Vodafone and are now making top tier strategy available to everybody.

How Do We Work?

We provide you with everything you need to unlock total customer value in your business. We get deep into the business and surface the bottlenecks, build the strategies with you and implement solutions that drive your business forward. Some businesses prefer for us to coach their teams, others like us to implement strategies and run full customer transformation programmes for them.


The diagnostic helps identify bottlenecks and pinpoint the lowest cost, highest impact initiative that you can launch to improve business performance. During this stage, our analysis team also crunch through the data to surface actionable insights that are used as a springboard to develop a robust strategy.


Based on the findings of the business diagnostic, we work with you to develop the strategy. During this stage, we work together to build the content and messaging and develop a roadmap that outlines the best processes, technology and analytics that can be used to accelerate your business.


Via the roadmap, the strategy is finalised and implemented. The sales and marketing technology is implemented, the content is developed, marketing messages are finalised and analytics are built. The optimised marketing programme is then launched and business performance is accelerated!

What people say

Hannah Dwyer

Global CRM manager

Hawes & Curtis

“The team helped Hawes & Curtis with our digital & e commerce  strategy. We were delighted with the professional can do attitude and would recommend working with them.”

Tom Evans



“Immensely talented and knowledgeable in growth marketing, marketing automation and all things digital”

Harshad Hardikar

Managing Director

Ogilvy One

“A deep knowledge of digital enables James to consult on a holistic basis. Being detail focused and results orientated, he is also able to get involved every step of the way on projects and deliver high quality to clients.”

Richard Marshall


Pall Mall Barbers

“I have worked with the team over the past few years – their strength lies in their ability to develop actionable consumer insights , get under the skin of the customer and the competition to develop competitive advantage.”

Nakul Pathak

Commercial Director


“I worked with James for almost 2.5 years while I handled Smirnoff at Diageo. James essentially helped set up our entire digital marketing effort. James is indefatigable and diligent. I truly applaud him for this and for showing me perspectives that I would otherwise have missed.”

Madeline Penton

Co Founder & CEO


“Totally transformed our business. I would highly recommend Customer Devoted to anyone, whether start-up or fully established business to 10x your marketing and sales success.”

Conversion accelerator programme content

The team have a minimum of 17 years’ experience of working with 80 of the world’s leading (and challenger) brands in over 20 sectors. Our approach has been tried, tested which is why we can deliver it as a fast-track, high-impact programme that get results:

During the first phase, we build a foundation of robust insights about the target customer, the competition’s strategy and the wider market opportunities. This enables us to build a highly competitive strategy which capitalises on the learnings of competitors and enables us to resonate more strongly with our target customers than the competition does.

In the second phase, we leverage our insights to strongly differentiate in the market, sharpen our positioning and improve the effectiveness of our sales messages. This ensures that we minimise friction in the sales journey and maximises our appeal to our target customers. We further sharpen our strategy with scientifically proven principles of persuasion from the field of neuromarketing and neuro linguistic programming (NLP).

During the third phase, we combine our insights, differentiation and persuasion strategy into an irresistible and delightfully different offer that gets cut through. Going beyond the standard sales page, we build out the offer into a fully-fledged campaignable initiative with a range of components such as AI-driven content marketing, e-mail marketing, lead capturing content and sales webinars – all designed to maximise lead capture and sales.

Phase four focuses on transforming the offer that has been developed into a fully-automated sales and marketing experience (funnel) which can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using our market-leading funnel blueprints, we plan how the funnel automates, the mechanics that will capture leads and the sales journey that converts browsers into buyers.

The key focus of phase five is to bring the funnel and launch strategy to life. We start by deploying the marketing technology that enables the marketing funnel to operate on an automated basis. We then produce and implement the content and sales copy into the funnel to launch our bespoke, fully automated sales and marketing funnel.

Phase six is where we built our long term optimisation strategy which will enable us to test, learn what works and optimise the performance of the sales funnel on an ongoing basis. This approach gives the marketing funnel longevity and gives clients a roadmap for how they can change, upgrade or adjust their sales funnel for the long term. We focus on setting targets for the marketing funnel and implement analytics that allow us to measure performance against those targets. We then plan the elements of the marketing funnel that we will test to ensure it is continually improving performance for the long term.

Getting started

Every business is different which is why we perform a diagnosis before pitching a solution. Let us know what your challenges are over a quick call and we will perform an initial complementary analysis to help you unearth your low hanging fruit.

Conversion accelerator