CX strategy, experience design and customer experience management

We plan, build and launch customer experience, CRM and loyalty programmes that maximise retention and customer lifetime value

It is 9 times cheaper to retain a customer than acquiring a new one. With limitless choice of brands, the experience becomes the key consideration.

Focusing entirely on customer acquisition is a ‘leaky bucket strategy’ where customers continually need to be acquired at a heavy marketing cost. 

Investing in customer retention can unlock total customer value in the form of referrals, advocacy and enable brands to collaborate with customers to develop products that better serve their needs. 

Our comprehensive approach
enables businesses to

Key principles

  • Where customers have limitless choice over the brands they purchase, the customer experience is the key point of brand differentiation.
  • Over 50% of customers have their purchase decision influenced by marketing personalisation. Personalised marketing messages increase sales by over 20%
  • People are 90% more likely to purchase a brand recommended to them by a friend and the strongest determining factor driving recommendations is the customer experience.
  • Loyal customers spend over 50% more with a brand than customers that make a one-off purchase.

CRM Solutions

CRM Strategy

Developing a CRM strategy begins by analysing the sales data and performance of existing customer communications. This analysis is used to build a comprehensive CRM blueprint which takes into account the business’s objectives and defines the KPIS, channels and segments of the CRM programme.

CRM Programmes

CRM programmes are fully produced with defined segments, conditions which trigger any automated customer communications and messages. Manual and AI-based customer service is also fully planned and integrated into the CRM programme.

Customer segmentation

Customer segments are fully developed by cleansing, tagging and formatting customer records in preparation for the programme launch. Customer records can be tagged based on custom criteria, sales history, geography or engagement levels.

Loyalty Solutions

Customer loyalty programmes

The customer loyalty business case is built which outlines the projected commercial performance of the programme. Based on the business case, the loyalty programme’s tiers, rewards, benefits, and redemption mechanics are planned and the loyalty programme is deployed to maximise retention.

Customer value optimisation

Customer lifetime value is optimised by analysing sales data to identify product bundles and product affinity to build the up-sell and cross-sell programme. Loyal customers are identified and an incentive programme is launched to drive customer referrals and advocacy.

Tech selection & Integration

Maximising customer retention and value by optimising the configuration of existing technologies and deploying any new solutions as per the technical requirements of the CRM and customer loyalty programmes.

Customer Experience Solutions

Customer experience strategy

Developing the optimal customer experience starts with developing market, competitor and target customer insight. Leveraging this insight, a customer experience blueprint is developed that outlines journeys, processes, systems, channels, messages and personalisation for existing and new customers.

Technology selection & Integration

Streamlining and automating the customer experience by optimising the configuration of existing technologies and then deploying any new solutions as per the technical requirements of the customer experience.

Data & analytics integration

Building a full customer view that enables businesses to monitor customer engagement and get feedback on satisfaction (NPS) levels on a real-time basis. Performance metrics are defined, analytics and customer feedback tools are configured and a real-time customer analytics dashboard is launched.


Launching an automated and personalised customer experience programme with tailored content, journeys, product recommendations and experiences being delivered to existing and new customers. Personalisation is planned based on existing sales data and performance analytics. The content is then produced and deployed into the personalisation engine.

Who we work with

  • Brands that are suffering from an increase in customer acquisition costs and need to focus on reducing customer churn levels.
  • CEOs operating in constrained marketplaces that need to increase their customer’s average order and lifetime value.
  • Sales teams that are struggling to hit their quota and need to systematise their sales approach to drive more qualified prospects and conversions into their pipeline.
  • Brands operating in low-engagement or homogenous categories that need to differentiate and capture market share from the competition.

Examples of
our work

  • Relaunched a legacy alcohol brand to an entirely different demographic. A full scale interactive customer loyalty based digital platform was conceptualised and launched to engage the brand’s new customers.
  • Produced and launched a full suite of automated customer service and up-selling emails for a market leading e-commerce brand that were personalised and triggered, based on customer purchases.
  • Developed the strategy for a world leading hotel brand to increase the engagement of their customer loyalty programme and the redemption of customer loyalty points.
  • Conceptualised and built a full-stack customer relationship, sales and marketing management system to automate sales and marketing for a SAAS startup. CRM, lead generation, lead qualification, sales journeys and content strategy were all produced to deliver a turnkey solution.

Getting Started

An initial complementary customer diagnostic session is delivered to identify quick wins and opportunities to immediately improve retention rates and the customer experience. During this initial review, those quick wins are prioritised and the longer term course of action is explored.