Value proposition design

Develop competitor intelligence, identify market trends and cultivate customer insight in order to unearth opportunities, differentiate and capture market share

In fiercely competitive markets, cutting through the clutter and persuading browsers to buy can be tough

To cut through the clutter and maintain market share in the face of disruption, brands need to strongly differentiate and continually innovate their offering. We work with brands to develop customer insights that inform how the brand can more strongly resonate with customers, identify market opportunities to differentiate the brand and develop value propositions that drive category growth.

Key principles

  • People are heavily influenced by emotions when considering a purchase – a brand’s emotional engagement is just as important as the price or the product.
  • Reverse engineering the competition’s success can dramatically reduce risk in a product launch.
  • Category disrupting brands are those who strongly differentiate and meet customer’s needs better than the competition do.
  • In highly competitive industries, new product launches need to out-think (because they can’t out spend) the competition.


Competitor & market forensics

Our competitor and market forensics tool enables clients to develop deep market insights and fully reverse engineer their competitor’s marketing strategy, budget, performance, market position and customer sentiment in order to develop a highly competitive marketing strategy that avoids poorly performing marketing activities.

Customer dimensions hub

The customer dimensions hub builds customer insight using 28 quantitative and qualitative analysis methodologies. It covers customer experience, customer service, brand, advertising, content and website to give a full roadmap of how a brand can better acquire, engage and retain customers for the long term.

Customer engagement diagnostic

Our customer engagement diagnostic helps clients identify the lowest cost, highest impact initiative that they can launch to improve the return on investment of their customer engagement initiatives. The diagnostic measures 217 metrics across customer acquisition, engagement and retention initiatives.

Content & messaging analytics

Content & messaging analytics enables clients to analyse the content and message effectiveness of a specific competitor, across a sector or specific topic to develop an optimal content strategy that is primed to receive the most positive sentiment, engagement, and optimised for search effectiveness.

Value proposition development

We help brands develop value propositions that are validated with customer insight and optimised with competitor intelligence. We unearth the habits and expectations of target customers and identify opportunities within competitor landscape to produce value propositions that resonate with customers and stand out from the competitor set. Our mixed methodology uses a combination of customer persona development, competitor analysis, blue ocean strategy, jobs to be done theory and the value proposition canvas.

Market Entry Strategy - GTM

We help brands understand the cultural nuances, habits and expectations of target customers and the competitor landscape to build market entry strategies and launch campaigns that deliver the right message to the right person, in the right channel. We analyse media habits, design aesthetics, cultural values and the competition’s marketing strategy to build launch strategies, marketing messages, content and in-market promotional campaigns.

Who we work with

  • Businesses wanting to expand internationally and need to adapt their brand and launch into a new territory

  • Challenger brands operating in heavily competitive markets where differentiation is key to drive sales

  • Businesses who have become dependent on sales promotions, which are eroding business profitability

  • Brands facing disruption that need to shore up their position to maintain market share

Examples of our work

  • Built the brand architecture, tone of voice and thought leadership positioning for a disruptive fintech brand to cement their credentials amongst a sceptical investor audience.
  • Developed the customer insight, segmentation, tone of voice and content strategy for a leading consumer electronics brand to succesfully launch into Russia and the US.
  • Produced a brand reputation audit for a leading financial services holding company to identify brand reputational risks, perception and inform the ongoing brand communications strategy throughout all group brands.
  • Conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis, customer perception study and wider market analysis to inform the international expansion strategy and brand positioning of a leading male grooming business.

Getting Started

An initial complementary analysis of the brand’s current marketing and communications is produced to identify quick wins and opportunities for the brand to cultivate greater loyalty amongst it’s existing customers. During this initial review, those quick wins are prioritised and a long term course of action is explored.