Integrated customer relationship marketing

We are a full stack customer insight, customer experience and CRM agency in London.
We build brand loyalty, maximise customer lifetime value and customer retention by fusing customer insight with CX and CRM.

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Accelerate your digital performance

Strengthen Capabilities

Keeping up with customer’s changing expectations, steering through digital disruption whilst also achieving growth targets is the challenge brands face. We provide training to help organisations strengthen their innovation capabilities, digital return on investment and customer retention.

Transform Marketing

We help brands increase the effectiveness of their customer acquisition, engagement and retention initiatives by developing differentiated value propositions, customer experiences and innovative marketing automation programmes. We empower brands to unlock full customer value.

What are you trying to achieve today?

Innovate and capture
market share

Brands operating in fiercely competitive markets need to strongly differentiate their offering in order to persuade browsers to become buyers. By knowing their competitor’s weaknesses, emergent market trends and identifying their customer’s unmet needs, brands can develop product innovations and optimise their brand strategy to become the brand of choice among their target customers.
We help brands develop value propositions and market entry strategies that are validated with customer insight and optimised with competitor and market intelligence.

Accelerate digital
return on investment

Brands can accelerate their return on investment by benchmarking their digital performance and identifying how they can optimise digital channels, marketing messages and advertising targeting.
In addition to digital performance benchmarking, we help brands optimise their targeting, channels, messages and sales journeys using scientifically proven persuasion techniques from the field of neuromarketing. We also reduce repetitive marketing processes with AI driven automation solutions that enable brands to drive operational efficiency and progressively decrease customer acquisition costs.

Deepen brand loyalty
and customer relationships

In cluttered markets with many competitors, the customer experience is the key brand differentiator and driver of customer loyalty. Customer experience is the strongest predictor of customer retention levels and it is also nine times cheaper to retain a customer than acquiring a new one.
We help brands retain their customers for longer by building delightful customer experiences and rewards based customer loyalty programmes that increase average order value and customer lifetime value.

Our client heritage

Retail & Ecommerce

Retailers now have a vast collection of customer data and the ability to operate across multiple channels and geographies. We have worked for many years with retailers to maximise the commercial value of their customer data and streamline their customer experience with the use of CRM, customer loyalty and customer experience management programmes.


Software as a service businesses have limitless opportunity to scale globally but this expansion is largely defined by their customer’s satisfaction levels. By modelling usage patterns, engaging lapsed customers, reducing churn and actioning customer feedback, SAAS platforms are able to retain market share by ensuring that their service matches the ever changing needs of their customers.

Travel and Hospitality

The traveller and hotel guest experience are highly dynamic and complex to measure whereas guest’s expectations have heightened in recent years. The opportunity for airlines and hotel groups is to build a single-customer-view that empowers them to deliver personalised offers and tailored experiences that surprise, delight and retain their guests for the long term.

Financial Services

Complex regulation such as MIFID II, PSD2, GDPR and Open Banking has completely transformed the scope and nature of how financial services brands can engage with their customers. Paradoxically, the emerging fintech landscape has demonstrated that customer experience and product innovation is of paramount importance to the customer. Innovating the customer experience holds the key to retention.


Hannah Dwyer

Global CRM manager

Hawes & Curtis

“The team helped Hawes & Curtis with our digital & e commerce  strategy. We were delighted with the professional can do attitude and would recommend working with them.”

Tom Evans



“Immensely talented and knowledgeable in growth marketing, marketing automation and all things digital”

Harshad Hardikar

Managing Director

Ogilvy One

“A deep knowledge of digital enables James to consult on a holistic basis. Being detail focused and results orientated, he is also able to get involved every step of the way on projects and deliver high quality to clients.”

Richard Marshall


Pall Mall Barbers

“I have worked with the team over the past few years – their strength lies in their ability to develop actionable consumer insights , get under the skin of the customer and the competition to develop competitive advantage.”

Nakul Pathak

Commercial Director


“I worked with James for almost 2.5 years while I handled Smirnoff at Diageo. James essentially helped set up our entire digital marketing effort. James is indefatigable and diligent. I truly applaud him for this and for showing me perspectives that I would otherwise have missed.”

Madeline Penton

Co Founder & CEO


“Totally transformed our business. I would highly recommend Customer Devoted to anyone, whether start-up or fully established business to 10x your marketing and sales success.”

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