Unlock total customer value

We turn browsers into buyers and customers into devoted advocates 

Customer acquisition, retention and profitability

+25% increase in profit results from just a 5% increase in customer retention – Bain & Company


35% of Amazon’s revenue
comes from cross-selling – Jeff Bezos


+90% increase in average order value for brands that deliver delightful customer experience –Forrester

... but how do you get there?


We work across the full customer stack...

Lifting brands out of marketing operations to help them solve their deeper challenges around customer acquisition, retention and profitability.

We are a team of "full customer stack" marketers.

We work across the six interconnected layers that are key to unlocking accelerated growth...



Improving website visitor to sales conversion rates through customer insight and data driven multivariate testing.

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CRM programmes that deliver personalised messages and promotions to each customer on an individualised basis.

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Customer loyalty

Rewards based loyalty programmes that increase retention and the size and frequency of purchases.

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Customer Experience

Optimising the experience across all channels and interactions of the customer lifecycle to maximise customer satisfaction and net promoter score

Marketing automation

Automating the most time consuming marketing tasks and driving organisational efficiency with marketing technology.

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Behavioural insight

Implementing behavioural insight into existing marketing programmes to improve marketing performance and change customer behaviour.

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Merging data, psychology and technology...

We leverage our 17 years experience of running large scale customer acquisition, CRM and loyalty programmes to interpret the data and develop actionable insight. Combining this with our marketing technology expertise and knowledge of behavioural science enables us to deliver programmes that drive commercial results.


- Competitor intelligence
- Marketing analytics
- Customer insight

Behavioural insight

- Behavioural economics
- Game theory
- Psychology

Unfair advantage

- Brand resonance
- Customer loyalty
- Marketing ROI

... to deliver customer centric digital transformation in 3 steps:

1. Grow

Reduce customer acquisition costs
- Competitor intelligence
-Channel optimisation
- Content optimisation
-Marketing funnels
- Marketing automation
- Conversion optimisation

2. Consolidate

Increase the value of each transaction
- CX personalisation
- Chat bots
- Up-selling
- Cross-selling
- Sales promotions
- Pricing strategy

3. Lead

Maximise customer retention & lifetime value
- CRM programmes
- Loyalty programmes
- Customer advocacy
- Referral campaigns
- CLV optimisation
- Win-back campaigns
- Customer feedback

Previous lives & previous projects

Work we're proud of

Global real-time integrated digital nightlife campaign for Smirnoff

A personalised beauty advice portal for Unilever's beauty portfolio

Launching Vespa into a fiercely competitive new market

Ecommerce strategy and online sales promotion – Hawes & Curtis

Cross-channel customer loyalty campaign for Radisson hotels

Pro Bike Tool: Ecommerce strategy and deployment

Digital marketing and ecommerce CRO – Bleep Bleeps

Customer advocacy and referral campaign for Dove shampoos

CRM strategy, deployment and sales enablement – Vetstoria

B2B lead generation and CRM for TrackMyRisks

15,000 product ecommerce build and deployment – Total Poster

Re-branding a 123 year old brand – Pall Mall Barbers

Customer Devoted team

James Sandberg - Founder

With 17 years experience, James has won awards for his customer centric digital strategies in India, the US, UK and at the Asia Pacific regional level. As the ex-managing director of customer engagement agency Ogilvy One and the strategy director for customer loyalty consultancy The Collinson Group, James has delivered digital strategies for the biggest brands in the world.

Andy Gharat - Creative

Andy brings 20 years of creative and design experience with a key focus on integrated marketing campaigns and digital. Andy has led the creative thinking for many internationally recognised campaigns. He has spent a substantial part of his career with Ogilvy as a design and creative director. Andy’s claim to fame is developing India’s first mobile website for Ford, back in 1998!

Ian Morrison- CTO

As the original games developer behind 80’s cult classic game Outrun (the world’s first colour racing game!), Ian has almost 30 years experience as a full stack developer. Ian has produced games for Nestle and Diageo, marketing platforms for Grolsch and Adidas, e-commerce marketplaces for the Singaporean Government and marketing platforms for BMW and H&M.

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