Unlock total customer value

Customer transformation programmes that drive sustainable business growth

Customer insight – Experience – Loyalty – CRM – CRO

Remove the guesswork and build a strategy that scales

We help clients navigate the myriad of digital marketing distractions to simplify their strategic agenda and achieve their customer-based business objectives with total clarity

We help busy online businesses

99% of online business founders are time poor, opperationaly focused and are locked into fiercely competitive customer acquisition marketing programmes that don’t deliver the margins that they once did. Focused on short term marginal gains, the strategy is often ‘more of the same’. Under pressure, distracted by noisy social media information and confused by the myriad of marketing options, they try to do everything to make sure they cover all the bases. Life feels like a non-stop juggling contest between competing tasks.

Acquire customers cheaper, increase average order value and retain customers for longer

The 1% that manage to scale have a lazer sharp focus on the metrics that matter and have a long term business strategy that delivers consistent growth. They are dedicated to unlocking the full value of their existing customers and understand that their business’s success relies equally on customer retention, maximising average order value as well as customer acquisition. They are deliberate, data driven, opperate with total clarity, are able to scale and are under less pressure.

How Do We Work?

We provide you with everything you need to unlock total customer value in your online business. We get deep into the business and surface the bottlenecks, build the strategies with you and implement solutions that drive your business forward. Some businesses prefer for us to coach their teams, others like us to implement strategies and run full customer transformation programmes for them.

Business Diagnostic

Our diagnostic helps identify bottlenecks and pinpoints the lowest cost, highest impact initiative that you can launch to improve business performance. During this stage, our analysis team also crunch through the data to surface actionable insights that are used as a springboard to develop a robust strategy.


Based on the findings of the business diagnostic, we work with you to develop the strategy. During this stage, we work together to build the content and messaging and develop a roadmap that outlines the best processes, technology and analytics that can be used to accelerate your business.


Via the roadmap, the strategy is implemented. The technology, content, messaging and analytics are built, the programme is launched and business performance is accelerated!

What people say

The three phases of Customer Devotion

Whether  you’re setting up your online business or are a fully established SAAS or ecommerce player, Customer Devoted can provide you with comprehensive support throughout your customer’s lifecycle

Phase 1: Sales Conversion accelerator

Reduce customer acquisition costs with customer insight, neuromarketing, competitor intelligence, marketing funnels and marketing automation.

Phase 2: Increase average order value

Increase the value of each transaction with pricing strategy, website personalisation, up-selling, cross-selling and promotions.

Phase 3: Maximise customer retention

Maximise retention and lifetime value with loyalty and CRM programmes, delightful customer experiences and customer win-back strategies.

We work across the full customer stack

Many brands are heavily focused on production (ads, websites, content) and struggle to solve the deeper challenges that they face with customer acquisition costs, retention and profitability.

To unlock full customer value, businesses need to operate across the “full customer stack” — five interconnected layers that are key to unlocking accelerated growth:


Customer psychology, behavioural insight and neuromarketing.

Sales Conversions

Marketing funnels, customer journeys, CRO and marketing personalisation.

Customer Retention

Customer experience, loyalty programmes and CRM.

Customer Profitability

Pricing, promotions, upselling & optimising customer lifetime value


Value propositions, brand identity, values and tone of voice.

Operate with total clarity

We strip away the unnecessary, simplify the
strategic agenda and partner with businesses to drive sustainable, long-term growth.

Every business is different which is why we perform a
diagnosis before pitching a solution. Let us know what your challenges are over
a quick call and we will perform an initial complementary analysis to help you
unearth your low hanging fruit.

Market & consumer insight

Understanding the market, competition and customer opportunity, so you can develop competitive strategies and mitigate marketing risk.

Customer value propositions

Differentiating your brand against the competition, sharpening market positioning and aligning your product to customer’s needs.

Go-to-market launches

Evaluating market size for your product or service, developing sharp marketing messages, and building your market entry strategy.

CRM & customer Loyalty

Automating how you manage customer relationships with CRM and incentivising customers to stay loyal with rewards-based customer loyalty programmes.

Data & analytics

Implementing marketing analytics, capturing customer data and building data dashboards that measure marketing performance, real-time.

Conversion rate optimisation

Optimising web page layouts and sales journeys by running conversion rate optimisation tests and progressively optimising sales conversion rates.

Scaling up

Scaling up operations with marketing automation, systems, tech and processes to streamline sales, marketing, operations and customer service.

Websites & marketing funnels

Producing websites, landing pages, customer journeys and marketing funnels - enabling you to automate your sales and marketing to run 24/7.

Streamlined processes)

Best practice standard operating procedures that allow you to streamline and offshore the manual tasks required for sales, marketing and customer service.

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