Customer centric marketing that drives brand loyalty

Turning browsers into buyers and customers into devoted advocates

Customer expectations are evolving –

are you keeping pace?

“Of senior marketers expect to be competing mostly on the basis of customer experience in 2021” – Gartner

“Consumer attention spans have decreased from 12 seconds in 2009 to less than 8 seconds today” – Microsoft

“Of customers say personalised service is very important to winning their business in 2019 ”  –  Salesforce

To succeed in 2019,

brands need to be…

Insight Fueled

Keeping pace with changes in consumer attitude and outlook – and knowing how the competition are succeeding

Delightfully Different

Standing out from the competition rather than racing to the bottom and competing on price alone

Perfectly Personalised

Offering each customer a personalised experience and marketing that is meaningful to them, individually

Powerfully persuasive

Earning consumer trust and delivering phsychologically compelling messages

Intelligently automated

Automating marketing and customer engagement to increase efficiency and drive ROI

Data Driven

Measuring marketing effectiveness, optimising marketing campaigns and monitoring customer satisfaction

We do three things…

1. Marketing Effectiveness

We develop insights about the customer and the competition in order to develop more compelling market positioning and persuasive marketing messages. We optimise marketing strategies and build brand loyalty.
We help companies ditch the marketing vanity metrics to focus on optimsing ROI. Using our customer diagnostic tool, we identify and fix the broken links in the marketing chain. 


  • Customer insight
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Digital marketing programmes
  • Brand positioning
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Marketing analytics

2. Customer Engagement

We map the customer experience across all touchpoints to launch friction-free experiences that delight customers and increase brand loyalty.
We plan and implement marketing technology solutions that deliver automated and personalised marketing, at scale.


  • Customer experience
  • Marketing personalisation
  • Customer engagement
  • CRM programmes
  • Marketing automation


3. Customer Retention

We develop customer loyalty programmes that unlock total customer value and retain customers for longer.
We segment customers into groups based on their value, longevity and likelihood to churn. We then launch segment specific retention marketing initiatives.
Our retention programmes incentivise customer referral and rewards them for purchasing – maximising the commercial value of each customer and making the brand indispensable.


  • Loyalty programmes
  • Advocacy marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Lifecycle marketing
  • Lifetime value optimisation


Why us?

Totally customer focused

Uniquely, we combine brand strategy with customer loyalty. We focus on how we can unlock total customer value and drive brand loyalty. We work with clients across the full customer engagement spectrum – acquisition, retention, loyalty, referral, advocacy and experiences. 

Bluechip experience

The award winning team have been hand-picked from top agencies and consultancies and all have extensive bluechip experience. Founder, James Sandberg has worked across +17 sectors with over 50 global brands.

Data Fluent

The team have over 50 years combined experience working with business data, CRM, customer loyalty and digital marketing analytics – we know the metrics that matter and how to shape the data into actionable insight.

Technology Agnostic

Being totally technology agnostic enables us to use the most cost-effective technology on a bespoke basis for each client. We have amassed a plethora of marketing technology at extraordinarily low cost to clients

  • Bleep Bleeps

    James was instrumental in outlining, building and delivering our digital strategy. Aside from being immensely talented and knowledgeable in the area of growth marketing, marketing automation and all things digital, I also count him as a friend. Something most agency partners don't pull off.

    Bleep Bleeps
    Tom Evans
  • Diageo (Smirnoff)

    I had the chance to work with James for a period of almost 2.5 years while I handled Smirnoff at Diageo. James essentially helped set up our entire digital marketing effort which including set up as well as execution across the platform. The results speak for themselves. In that time Smirnoff India reached over half a million fans on facebook, had a million visitors to our website and had some key best practice commendations in terms of its integration of offline and online content. This was all the more notable given that alcohol is a dark market in India. The reasons for this are simple: James has an abiding passion and interest in the digital world and therefore gets really deep in terms of detail and focus. Secondly he is able to think through and connect various and disparate efforts into one cohesive whole lending synergies and adding weight to the digital effort. Last and this is perhaps the most important one: James is indefatigable and diligent. He will really push the boundaries in terms of what he believes is right for the brand. It makes for some very interesting meetings but I realized then as I realize now that its a unique quality. He pushed us as a team and it paid off. I truly applaud him for this and for showing me perspectives that I would otherwise have missed.

    Diageo (Smirnoff)
    Nakul Patak
    Commercial Director
  • Showslice

    James is providing us with invaluable support with marketing strategy and being an enormous help in making us more visible and drive sales to our core audience. He's a great guy to work with and we can't recommend him enough to tech startups or any business for that matter - It's straightforward with James, he's a guru in tech, marketing and customers. All I can say is get him on your team now!

    Damien Oraki
  • CoInvestor

    James is a very experienced digital marketing expert. He thoroughly understands all elements of the digital marketing value chain and how to apply them. He has a knowledge which is far superior to the low value add, hygiene factor skills that we experienced in providers across the industry. He can help with early stage market validation as well, pushing start ups to really understand their customer profiles and then use the proper channels.

    Sam Plumbtre
  • 1883 Magazine

    James is highly knowledgeable in digital strategy and business development. James has been working with 1883 Media to redevelop it's online site, increase online hits and monetise the website. He has also been training up our staff so that we can become self sufficient in all the area's he has been working with us on. This is already providing great results.

    1883 Magazine
    Alicia Irvine-MacDougall
    1883 Magazine
  • Localz

    James ran a workshop for our commercial team, including a LinkedIn masterclass and CRM lead nurturing. His preparation for the workshop was thorough, throwing himself into understanding our sales process and marketing plan beforehand so that we could get the most out of the time we had. He enabled the sessions to be collaborative so that we could implement our learnings.

    Anna Stileman
    Marketing manager
  • Finspreads

    I worked with James very closely when he was the agency specialist on Search Engine Marketing at Ptarmigan Media. He's professional and dedicated, always coming up with new ideas, very well informed regarding all the new developments in the field of search engine marketing and online marketing. A great guy to work with, I wouldn't hesitate for one second in recommending him!

    Karim Gargum
    Marketing manager

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Download Your Free Brand
Loyalty Blueprint Now

[Revised and Updated for May 2019]
Download this free eBook to learn how to accelerate marketing performance, increase customer retention and accelerate brand loyalty with our proven techniques.
Get It Now!
Yes! I understand that downloading the Brand Loyalty Blueprint also subscribes me to the Customer Devoted newsletter.